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Dread Uprising

This one does not leave you hanging for an ending. It just leaves you hanging waiting for more!

Wayward Galaxy

R.C. Bray at his finest alpha male narration duties again. I...

A Town Called Discovery

I liked it so much, that I gave up riding my motorcycle to work

We Are Legion

Just do yourself a favour and get to know the Bobs! I love you Bob!


This one rocks! picture a fatman with no clothes on dancing with two thumbs held high in the air going ‘heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey’… That is how excited I felt when reading this one

A Gift of Time

It is total amazballs as we aussies would say!

Fata Morgana

a smile that says ‘I am like a monkey with a new banana!’

Gray: The Complete Collection

There is certainly a lot to like about this one

Rally Cry: The Lost Regiment, Book 1

My recommendation on this one is simple… only buy if you want to get hooked on a long series. The value for money in this one is outstanding!