We Are Legion

I was getting desperate, all of my favourite series of books ‘Arisen’, ‘The Undead’ and ‘Expeditionary Force’ have either finished or waiting for the next in the series. I was… who am I kidding, ‘I am’… out of money! Truthfully I am so poor I walk down the street with one shoe, people ask me ‘did you lose a shoe?’ and I just say ‘No… I found one!’

Ok you get the picture… as a result of being poor I am very selective in the titles I purchase at the moment. I certainly don’t want to waste my money on junk! Wasting my money on junk seems to be all I have been doing lately… I have also decided it is time to increase the number of genre I listen to, so that I am not stuck in this situation like I am in now waiting for my favourite authors to release the next title in a series.

This title ‘We Are Legion’ had appeared a couple of times on my ‘based on previous’ titles but I had never taken the time to really check it out. It probably appeared on the list because I have listened to several books narrated by Ray Porter. I like Ray’s voice… but not to the same degree as R C Bray or Sean Runnette. So it was given the tentative tick for narration. The blurb interested me but didn’t really make me want to instantly smack my money down. However, the deal was done the moment I read the reviews!

Look I am just going to stop the jibber jabber! And tell you this one is definitely a winner! I would have paid more for it! The biggest problem with it is simple, it is so good, so interesting, so surprising that I listened to it in one day! So at this rate I was burning through my money faster than before! Thank goodness for pay day, because I am now able to purchase the next in the series. You’re a bad man Mr Dennis E Taylor you are like a crack dealer! You should be ashamed of yourself, you have me hooked so bad, I am like a monkey with two bananas in my hands!

Just do yourself a favour and get to know the Bobs! I love you Bob!

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Author: Zombie Specialist

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