The Undead 14

Let me start off and say I think this one is the best in the series so far. The first two chapters nearly caused me to have nose to tail car accident! The bloke in the car who I nearly rear ended must have thought I was a complete and proper ‘igit’, skidding to a halt while laughing out loud. I was laughing so hard I think a little bit of wee came out, it could have been the laughter or the shock of the near miss… I’m not sure!

Joe Jameson does an excellent job as the narrator with so many characters. What I think is so impressive is that he does this is such a rapid and fluid way. It sounds as though you are listening to a room full of people rather than just one man. The debate over Dan Morgan v Joe Jameson must surely be over now? Because, in my mind both of them have done a great job for this series!

How R.R Haywood manages to keep this series going so long is remarkable. But then I sit down and reflect about each one. Take this one for example, the reality is that the ‘team’ or ‘pack’ move from one place to another place. There isn’t actually a lot of big things happening. I won’t give away any plot or spoilers. So I come to the conclusion that R.R Haywood keeps this series alive simply by the sheer character development skills and descriptive language. I wish I had his ability. Alas, I don’t! You can tell by my writing in these reviews.

The only negative I have for this one is so small it is almost pointless! The epilogue didn’t really reveal anything new for the next in the series. It was a throw back to the last.

Some might ask why bother writing a review on a book 14 in a series? I can only say, I want to because I liked it so much! And because I hope too encourage R.R Haywood and Joe Jameson to keep up the brilliant work. It is titles like these one’s which make my terrible work day and horrible commute so much better. Sometimes, I find myself wishing for a traffic delay just so I can listen to more of the story. Which by the way leads me to last praise for the title. Once again the dollar per hour value is great, another 15 hour length story!

Ok I will shut up now and get to the important bit…. the final thoughts…. the final rating… drum roll please….

This fast fatman is sitting on top of his fortress looking down at the zombie horde below in all his naked glory, holding two fat thumbs high in the sky saying ‘heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!’ Fronzie style. This one rocks! All of the previous 13 rocked! And please please may all of the next one’s be as good!

Author: Zombie Specialist

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