The Nazi and the Psychiatrist… Amazing!

nazi and theAmazing story, should be compulsive reading in all high schools. Do yourself a favor download this one and listen carefully. We must never allow this history to repeat.

I had just finished listening to Ian Kershaw’s The End: Hitler’s Germany, 1944-45 which documented how the Germans continued to do evil even when the end was near. This book takes that question one step further and attempts to answer the ‘why’.

I can highly recommend this book! I suggest you also listen to it at the same time as Ian Kershaw’s work (mentioned above)

There has also been some comment regarding the narration on this title. Please don’t let that turn you off. I found the narration good. A couple of times it sounded like German names were edited in later. But it was nothing to drastic. It can easily be listened to at 1.25x speed without any problems.

I couldn’t put this one down and listened to it one day!


Author: Zombie Specialist

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