The Breadwinner

Finally a return to the traditional zombie genre! No alien races… no good verse evil supernatural beings… no secret organisation behind the end of the world.

Just good old-fashioned character development in a zombie outbreak. Or is it? The author seems very careful not to use the word zombie. Not once was the ‘z’ word used. I wonder why? I find that a little strange. The people doing all the chasing are called ‘eaters’. As a fat man I pictured a bunch of fat people shuffling along after the people in the story all going ‘num num get in me belly little people’.

Ok with that little strangeness aside. The only real gripe I had with this one was the length, just under 6 hours in total. The narration was good but had to be increased to 1.25x speed. So the listening time was shortened somewhat. I noticed the second in the series is about the same. This is a trend that is starting to annoy me in this genre. It is now far too easy to listen to one title in one day! At say $13 a title that soon adds up to a very expensive hobby over the course of the week! I know this is harsh on the author. But I’m really starting to bulk at any title, which is so short in length. Particular since the second one could have been combined with the first in the series.

Ok rant over with, normal service will return. The author does a brilliant job at developing the characters. The character flaws and strengths make the characters believable and cause you to want to know what happens next.

The narrator also is excellent in bringing those characters to life.

I liked this one enough to purchase the second before I finished the first. However, with my earlier rant about the ‘z’ word and the price I feel compelled to advise if you are on a budget and a heavy listener. Then wait until this is on special. If the money per hour is not really a factor, you can’t go to wrong with this one.

So rather that this fast fat man giving the ‘Breadwinner’ two thumbs up. I will give it one thumbs up with a stupid grin on my face!

Author: Zombie Specialist

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