Ship of the Dead 2: it gets better!

John Campbellā€™s zombie story continues to impress. The same comments I made regarding the first in the series is applicable:

The narration while not RC Bray quality is still very acceptable. Narration was still slow and was best listened to at 1.5x speed. The main difference between this one and the first is this story line moves a lot faster, it introduces new elements physical/spiritual dimensions. The addition of the ship and natural disasters also adds a greater impact to the listener.

I found the ending of this title interesting. It is one of those endings which delivers enough closure for this to be the end of the series, or it could just as easily continue. Personally, I do hope it continues, but I would prefer less of the spiritual influence. However, some people love that sort of stuff, just not me.

If you are looking to dabble your feet into the zombie genre, this series is highly recommended!

Author: Zombie Specialist

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