odiumI am going to start this review off with a confession… Ok here it is… Sadly, I have short pockets. But, I have even shorter arms. Yes I am cheap. I am so cheap I don’t even pay attention. This is why I am going to say that the recent trend on most titles of having the narration so slow that it is unbearable to listen to is driving me nuts, and for the love of all things good please make it stop! It makes it impossible to judge the price per hour of any title. However, I was surprised when I first started listening to this one, the speed was perfect. I must have the speed set by accident to 1.25x speed. I slowed it down to normal speed and there really was no problem with listening to it. But here is the thing…. I was so keen to hear the story that I cranked it up just a notch to 1.25!

The start of story really does an excellent job of setting the scene. I have listened to a lot of zombie stories over the years and sadly I couldn’t recall to many of them having a female lead. It got me thinking so I searched through my library but soon gave up, because so many of them have slipped my mind. Yes I am cheap and have a poor memory. So I had a look at a goodread list called ‘147 top female lead zombie stories’. I could only find 2 in the list which I had purchased over the years. I will have to repent of my ways and not shy away with purchasing titles with a female lead character, or at least from titles authored by Claire C Riley. Yes there is a more of the love and the girlie rolling of the eyes and the ‘he likes me, she like me’ type thing it, wasn’t enough to turn me off. This type of thing can be summed up with a quote from the story “I’m just a girl who likes shoes”. Perhaps this fatman has found his girly inner heart… but please don’t tell anyone or remind me of that fact. I have a reputation to uphold!

I have just finished listening to the complete story and I have got to confess there several things I disliked. As I mentioned before the main character has way to many eye rolls, has way to many mood swings for my liking. But I think that is simply because I have teenage children myself who are going through the ‘daaaaaaaad’ plus the dreaded ‘eye roll’ stage in life. The narrator’s voice really matched the character. All of this once again helped me understand why some species eat their own young. On the plus side I don’t think it is the sort of thing which should turn you off purchasing this title, because it is a good story, and I hold out with hope as the story progresses that the lead character becomes a complete psycho or maybe a little more stable, or maybe even dead, as a lot of people do die in this story! I don’t mind that aspect of the story, after all it is a zombie story!

The fatman has enjoyed his time with this one and will purchasing the next in the series! On my preferred Indian curry rating it is a hot butter chicken, but not quite vindaloo level. Perhaps the next in the series could send the spice rating even hotter!

BTW I love what the word ‘odium’ means




Author: Zombie Specialist

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