Die Trying

die_tryingI am running out of zombie titles to review and I am getting desperate! The end result is this: R.C. Bray is the one of the best narrators for this genre. He narrates multiple books in my top 10. He has the ability to make a average title better. I am really starting to get very worried, what will be my next genre… romance novels here I come… See how the pressure is getting to me… bah romance novels!

While there is nothing wrong with this title, it is not the best in the genre. It just doesn’t add enough and it lacks two things I really enjoy in a zombie story. Firstly, I like the comic book albeit adult comic style violence. You know the action that makes you feel young at heart!

Secondly, and most importantly this one is devoid of humour. Looking at my top 10, all of them serve up large portions of sarcasm, often the character’s sense of humour highlights the humanity of the main characters (sane or not).

This will certainly kill some time if you have a boring commute to work but if you listen to a lot of zombie stories, you will probably soon forget about this one after finishing. So my buying advice is simple, ‘pay your money, have some fun, and move on’.

On more simple matters: The publishers summary is accurate of the story. If you choose titles on a cost per minute basis, then please take note that the narration can be easily sped up to 1.25x speed thus decreasing listening time.

Author: Zombie Specialist

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