Adrian’s Undead Diary… Bap, Kapow, Whap

What I loved about this book is that it is amazingly simple to listen too. The action scenes gave me the same feeling as when I was a kid reading a batman comic. Of course the violence in the book does not make it suitable for kids. Consider it a mature audience comic 🙂

I loved the narration; it seemed to suit the characters well. Due to the style in which the story is written, the narrator does not need to change voices for each character (it is Adrian’s diary after all). It takes a special kind of narrator in my view to pull off multiple voices in a story!

Just a comment regarding the speed of the narration: The speed was to slow for 1x, 1.25 is ok for most of the story without distracting the listener too much. But I listened to it at 1.5x speed for most of it, only slowly down a couple of times when the scene demanded it! To my surprise there were several scenes which need to be slowed down to give it emotional justice. Who would think a zombie book actually needing to be slowed down so I could properly experience the emotion of the story! The increase speed of the narration does mean the story is somewhat less in time than is advertised.

The author has given the main character ‘Adrian’ a great sense of humour. In fact the main character reminding me of the main character from ‘Mountain Man’ and ‘The Hospital’ two of my favourite zombie stories. See the links below for my reviews of those two;

I love zombie stories (I know I am a pretty shallow guy) and this one is up in my top 5!
BUT and there is always a ‘but’ and this is a pretty big ‘but’! My recommendation is don’t buy this story until book 2 is available on audible. It isn’t available to me… maybe because I am in Australia. Us ‘aussies’ often don’t get the same choice as the rest of the world! I was extremely ticked off with the ending, as it doesn’t bring any closure in any way shape or form. SO COME ON AUDIBLE! Where is the rest of the series?

Author: Zombie Specialist

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